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steampunksteampunkLuxurious Crystal Wedding Dresses on Behance

Lia who is going to wear this I have to know

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May the wind carry me for my chains are broken. -Elliott Alexzander

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Artist Stromae designs and launches first clothing capsule collection.

After successfully conquering the music world with two commercially successful hit albums, Belgian-Rwandese artist Stromae has been flexing his creative bones some more to create the singer’s very own debut clothing line and collection.

Derived from a rearranging of the his musical moniker (which is itself a play on the word ‘maestro’), MOSAERT is a Belgian creative label spearheaded by the talented singer and composer. Under this label, Stromae has developed his brand’s first capsule collection inspired by English grammar school style, checker and isometric patterns, and African wax colors. The lookbook modelled after typical school portraits and class photographs. 

For now, made in Europe (France and Portugal) t-shirt and sock range is only available online, at Colette stores in France and Hunting and Collection in Belgium.

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All Africa, All the time.

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Bee collar chains, new in the shop! Good for nature lovers and science babes (Cosima Niehaus, I’m looking at you). I’ve only got a few of these guys right now so get ‘em quick.

I think you should see this

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Taylor out in NYC 3/29/14

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