Bunny platform heels $27.31

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Nike Blazer Mid Premium QS “Iridescent”

all whitethe best in streetwear clothing and lifestyle goods.

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emily temple cute💛triple ribbon short boots

i need these

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カラー10周年の限定コラボ クルチアーニやプーマなど

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Photographer: Joshua Pestka

Model: Akuol de Mabior

Stylist: Aubrey Closson

Mua: Romero Jennings

Hair : Joseph DiMaggio 

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Adja Kaba by Joanna Lorenzo

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仕女摄影 by 潤熙陳

1,2,3 Tang Dynasty

4,5,6 Song Dynasty

7,8,9 Ming Dynasty

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Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress and while I haven’t seen any of her films yet I’m a fan of her name and amazing style. I feel like the fact that she is an actress comes through in the theatrical outfits she wears—when she attends Paris fashion week wearing a vintage-look Lanvin dress her hair is exaggeratingly-retro like an extra in Hairspray with over-the-top cat eye, but when she opts for a yellow fitted Versace she chooses appropriately bold Karen Walker sunglasses, wears her hair in loose curls and chooses a nude lip. It’s like her outfits are almost costumes and she assumes a new character depending on the designer and design of a gown—a practice I’m wholeheartedly behind. She’s not quite as recognized by the Western street fashion photographers yet as she ought to be, but I’m hoping as she attends more fashion shows and events we’ll be able to spy her amazing style around the web more and more.

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